My first real taste of photography was back in High School as one of the Yearbook photographers/developers. (Although I miss the days of film cameras and the darkroom wonder, I wouldn't trade the digital world/computers for anything.) My interest carried into college, taking four semesters of photography classes while shooting my Parents 35mm Minotla. However, I would have to say my real passion and love for the art of photography started back in 2002 while visiting my good friend, Bryan, in EastCentral Illinois. We drove around on a rainy day taking pictures of deer, geese, phesants, and anything else we could find. It was a blast. Once back home another good friend, Sean, loaned me his new D70 Nikon (SLR digtal) for the weekend. I must have taken several hundred pictures that weekend. But I think I was hooked on the first click. I saved my money and the rest, some of it anyway. My hope, I suppose, is that an image or two will find thier way into History. I Hope You Find Something That Brings You Joy.